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immigartion policy of the united states

The objective of this paper is to analyze the complex machinery behind the immigration system of the United States. It does this in four stages: first, by analyzing the current situation and providing necessary historical context to build criteria a good policy solution must meet; second, by interpreting previous legislative and policy attempts to solve the issue and outlining the lessons one can learn from them; third, by drafting a number of potential policies governments can pursue and explaining them in great detail; and fourth, by evaluating each potential policy with the criteria established in stage one and determining which is best fit for this issue. This paper denounces current immigration rhetoric in the United States perpetuated by the Republican Party, not only because it is inherently racist and based on unfounded assumptions but because it is infeasible and will not effectively tackle the problem. Because immigrants have helped local economies, it is in the US’s best interest to integrate refugees and enhance legal channels, streamlining existing border programs. This paper also finds that a comprehensive immigration policy will consist of a blanket amnesty for illegals currently living in the US but will institute far stricter border policies for future immigration.

Andrew Ham